After the After Party, Post Sonia Show, Cambridge, 07.29/30.17

Email for all order inquiries


*subject discount may apply*

Mosaic Print Single Sheet Composition: 10 photos – 8”x10” glossy or matte : $25

Party Pack: Photographer’s Choice: 15 Photos – 3”x5″ matte: $50


Individual Prints:

3″x5″ :  $5

 4″x6″ – $7

 5″x7″ – $10

8″x10″ – $35


Digital Downloads:

$0.50 thumbnail download

$1.00 Medium Size Download

$3.00 Full Size Download



DSC_2625_1 copyDSC_2624_1 copyDSC_2623_1 copy20170731_192803 copyDSC_2688 copyDSC_2687_1 copyDSC_2686 copyDSC_2685_1 copyDSC_2684_1 copyDSC_2683_1 copyDSC_2680 copyDSC_2679 copyDSC_2677 copyDSC_2676 copyDSC_2675 copyDSC_2674 copyDSC_2673_1 copyDSC_2672_1 copy

DSC_2671_1 copy

DSC_2670_1 copyDSC_2669_1 copyDSC_2667_1 copyDSC_2666_1 copyDSC_2665_1 copyDSC_2663_1 copyDSC_2662_1 copyDSC_2661_1 copyDSC_2660_1 copyDSC_2659_1 copyDSC_2658_1 copyDSC_2657_1 copyDSC_2656_1 copyDSC_2655_1 copyDSC_2654_1 copyDSC_2652_1 copyDSC_2651_1 copyDSC_2650_1 copyDSC_2649_1 copyDSC_2646_1 copyDSC_2643_1 copyDSC_2640_1 copyDSC_2639_1 copyDSC_2636_1 copyDSC_2635_1 copyDSC_2634_1 copyDSC_2632_1 copyDSC_2631_1 copyDSC_2630_1 copyDSC_2629_1 copyDSC_2627_1 copyDSC_2626_1 copy


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